Oh My Geek!

Episode 60 — The Saga Continues

It's been a while, fellow geeks, but Jesse and Nick got together and created a new episode for you all. ClumsyG was at SDCC, and things have been crazy as the OMGeeks found themselves with too much to do and so little time to record. 


Episode 059 — Star Wars Holiday Special Commentary

In case you've never heard of it, a special episode featuring beloved Star Wars characters aired on television for a holiday special. 

That special episode became somewhat of a legend -- it was never shown on air again, and George Lucas once said, “If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it.”

Well, thanks to the Interwebs, that special has resurfaced for your viewing displeasure. 

With Rogue One on the horizon, we wanted to share this piece of television history with you by recording a commentary track. 

Head over to the YouTube page, get ready to click play when we say go, and watch along as we try to talk it out. 


What a Bunch of Show Holes

The Geeks talk about television shows, rescue dogs, and more in this spectacular episode. 

We hope you're enjoying the cold weather. Why don't you get some friends together, pop some popcorn, and grab a few drinks. With the Oh My Geek! podcast, you will remain friends forever!


Episode 057 — Ketchup, Catsup, Catchup

It's been a few weeks, but the OMGeeks have been working behind the scenes to bring the Salinas Valley community an event like no other. 

But that doesn't mean we've forgotten about our friends all over the world. This episode is a blast from the past, but don't fret. We are back together and ready to podcast again because the airwaves are where we got our start. 

We are here for you! We bring the geek!


Episode 056 — Return of the Matt

Jesse hasn't seen Matt in years, but they found each other at a stoplight. How crazy is that?

Matt brings his own form of Mattception to the podcast as we delve into some deep pop-culture things. Get ready to have your minds blown as we discuss the latest news, geek out over movie trailers, and tear out our hair over lists.

Also, don't forget to stay tuned to our announcements. We've got a lot of stuff happening, and you can help!


Episode 055 — That Thing We Do

Our friends Daniel and Alexis came to visit us before they left to go work overseas in Japan.

It's been almost a year since we last had the couple on our show, and we bid them a safe trip and a future return.

We also celebrated one of Jesse's favorite movies, tried to guess the top five soundtracks according to Rolling Stone Magazine, and talk about our pop culture interests.


Episode 054 — Live Action

Most of us love Disney. Jesse. Nick. The rest of America.

But that doesn't mean we all love Disney's live-action movies.

Listen for our weekly news round-up coverage. Delight in our jokes. Enjoy the conversation and friendly atmosphere.

Then, get on the social medias and tell us what you think!


Episode 053 — All Caught Up

We are finally caught up!

You might not have been aware, but the OMGeeks have been busy and had to take care of some individual business. We're finally back together, and we're ready to bring you the latest pop culture news!

Listen to this episode for details on how you can win free tickets to a special Fathom Events viewing of Young Frankenstein.


Episode 052 — Wilder

We spent a lot of time on this talking about one of the Geeks' favoritest actors -- Gene Wilder. 

Reminisce with us as we talk about the man's comedic genius. 

Episode 051 — Another Time

Pepsi released Crystal Pepsi, Temple of the Dog and Guns 'N' Roses are touring, and the NES is sold out! There are multiple Supermen, and comics are booming. 

What year is this?!