Oh My Geek!

Episode 040 — May the Geeks Be With You

We celebrate the 4th of May by talking a little about Star Wars. That includes news of the new Star Wars game by Respawn and EA. Can't wait!

We also have to give a huge shout-out to DJ Headshot, who provided us some great music to play. Please check him out!

What else do we talk about? How about some Game of Thrones?

If you're looking for episode 039, we have been experiencing technical difficulties. We've been using a new laptop, and the change has been problematic. We had to scrap the episode because large chunks of audio just didn't get recorded.

This episode has some of its own issues with audio pops that happen in the latter portion. Please forgive the issues. We should be back to a better podcast next week.


Episode 038 — Prince

Prince's death shocked the world and the OMGeeks. We talk about the late musician's body of work, his ability to elevate his art, and his influence on our lives as well as pop culture.


Episode 037 — Thematic Elements

Jesse returns to the show after a fun week away in Florida where he visited both Disney World and Universal Studios. We get to hear about his awesome adventures and check out some of the goodies he brought back.

A few episodes ago, we opened up a Japan Crate. In case you were wondering if Babs still had a monthly subscription, ponder upon it no more! We open up another Japan Crate to taste its wonderful and exotic goodies. Find out which ones we like and which ones we would rather never, ever have again.

As usual, we decipher pop culture secrets, plumb the depths of geekiness, and come out with a better understanding of the nerd world around us. Join us on our latest journey!


Episode 036 — Rogue One Standing By

Have you seen the Rogue One trailer?

It's freaking amazing! So amazing, it's basically all we talk about.

Jesse wasn't with us this week, so he didn't get to share in the Star Wars geekery. But his presence was sorely missed because we didn't really understand how to work the mixer. Apologies for the bizarre clicks and pops that never came through our headphones -- we only found out about them while processing the audio. Hopefully, it doesn't distract your from our awesome discussion on pop culture news!


Episode 035 — Triple Threat

ClumsyG returns to the Oh My Geek! fold, and boy do things escalate quickly!

Not one to disappoint, ClumsyG tries to live up to the legend created by the other OMGeeks, and we hope you enjoy the show.

In Episode 35, the OMGeeks catch up on a lot of missed business. We argue about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (The Prequel to Justice League) feat. Wonder Woman.

We also dive into a lot of other pop culture news, putting in bits of comedy for your ear holes.


Episode 034 — Great Expectations

G had to leave town for a while, but the rest of the OMGeeks do their best impressions of him to make up for his absence. 

We talk about all of the awesome geeky things that are coming our way! Daredevil Season 2, Batman v Superman, and The Walking Dead's Negan. So much on the horizon, and we can't wait. 

Batman v Superman Special

Nick and Jesse got to see Batman v Superman before anyone else, so they came up with their opinions before everyone else! Or, well, most people. Check out their dynamic duo debut as a terrific twosome reviewing one of 2016's most anticipated movies!


Episode 033 — It Is a Game of Geeks

Jesse visited Disneyland and checked out the new Star Wars attractions. Remember not to bring your selfie sticks if you plan on visiting the park because they're banned! (And for good reason.)

And while we're talking about Disney, how about all of those live-action movies based on their cartoons? The Jungle Book is coming, and the Little Mermaid's getting cast.

Ghostbusters, anyone? The new trailer's out, and we chime in with our thoughts.

The newest Captain America: Civil War trailer also dropped, and we go giddy with excitement over seeing Spider-Man! Underoos!

We celebrate Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- now 19 years old -- and we predict what will happen on Game of Thrones. Be warned, we might be right!

Are you an MTV Movie Awards fan? We talk about nominations and who we expect to win.


Episode 032 — A Healthier, Geekier You!

Just what the doctor ordered -- some geekiness to keep your brain noodles from straightening out and leaking out your ears.

We catch up on the Oscar winners before moving into DC's Rebirth. We finally kinda know what's going on, and Nick gives us his expertise about whether the current state of comics could cause another comic book crash.


Jesse talks up comic conventions, and Kanye calls out Dead-Mow-5.

And just when you think there's too much geeky goodness, Nick delivers another one from his video vault -- The Ghoulies!


Episode 031 — Rated G for Geek

Lots to talk about this week as we delve into the success of Deadpool, the R-rated directors cut for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the newest installment of Nick's! Video! Vault!