Oh My Geek!

Episode 049 — Not Sponsored By The Olympics

The OMGeeks are in their second season, and they are on fire for the Olympics!

And by fire, we mean angry! ClumsyG finds the IOC's advertising rules super annoying, but the world will be watching as athletes take center stage. Unfortunately those athletes can't mention they love eating at Burger King, and their local comic book shop can't tweet at them and mention anything like summer, games, or golden. 


We also bring to you the latest news, and Jesse has a sweet, sweet announcement!

Episode 048 — One Year Later

Can you believe it's been a year -- a YEAR! -- since the OMGeeks started their podcast?

After taking a month off to spend time with family and friends, we've come back stronger than ever to bring you the latest in pop culture news with our own blend of humor and insight

Join us for another year, and keep in touch with us at www.omgeekshow.com.


Episode 047 — All the Pop Culture News That Fits

No, we did not disappear. No, we haven't quit the podcast game. 

No -- G went on vacation to the great white north, Jesse went down south, and Nick and Babs held down the fort. We recorded Episode 047 and celebrated a year of being together as a podcast band before the break, and it took G forever to upload it. He apologizes for his life spinning out of control, but he's getting back on track. 

That said, we are looking forward to another year's worth of pop culture news, opinions, and predictions. For now, enjoy this final episode from Season One and prepare yourselves for what's to come!

Episode 046 — Tony Tony Tony!

The OMGeeks get serious, talking about the troubles of the world. We really hope for peace on Earth, so please stop hating each other!

That said, we take a look at the Tony Awards and get into a discussion about theatre. There's more Game of Thrones and some pop-culture news bits to keep you current and in the know!

Be excellent to each other!


Episode 045 — The Greatest

Another legend has passed -- Muhammad Ali: The Greatest.

We say goodbye to the champ and mourn his sudden death.

In other pop culture news -- have you heard? Things have been happening, and we've got information for your earholes!


Episode 044 — Go Westeros, Young Man

The OMGeeks sit down to tackle pop culture news, so take a seat and put on your seatbelts!

And while we're talking about pop culture, we go in depth on the current hot topic -- Game of Thrones!

Caution, spoilers ahead!


Episode 043 — Hail Rebirth

Last week, the OMGeeks visited Current Comics' Monterey location to hang out with the comic store crew for the midnight release of DC's Rebirth Special #1!

We had a blast meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces. We got to read Rebirth and the new Steve Rogers Captain America #1 that was also released.

Both issues are controversial, and we talk about the immediate impact each will have.


Episode 042 — This Week in Television

Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Kanye on Ellen!

We also talk about the Warner Bros. DC shakeup and ... the Backstreet Boys?


Episode 041 — Civil Disagreement

Captain America: Civil War is demolishing the box office, and it's been the main subject of a lot of articles.

How do the OMGeeks feel about it, and will it tear them apart?

The answer is -- Not before we eat a box of Japanese candy and treats!


Episode 040 — May the Geeks Be With You

We celebrate the 4th of May by talking a little about Star Wars. That includes news of the new Star Wars game by Respawn and EA. Can't wait!

We also have to give a huge shout-out to DJ Headshot, who provided us some great music to play. Please check him out!

What else do we talk about? How about some Game of Thrones?

If you're looking for episode 039, we have been experiencing technical difficulties. We've been using a new laptop, and the change has been problematic. We had to scrap the episode because large chunks of audio just didn't get recorded.

This episode has some of its own issues with audio pops that happen in the latter portion. Please forgive the issues. We should be back to a better podcast next week.